Paul Holland Photography Gallery

Here are some of our recent photographs. If you are thinking of buying a photo shoot experience gift voucher for yourself or for someone else then read on for portrait gift ideas. All of these can be found on our Offers page:

  • Gift for growing families or a newborn baby:
    - Studio Passport, 1 year of unlimited shoots,
  • Gift for Valentine's Day or an engagement present:
    - Location portrait or studio portrait shoot
  • Gift idea for someone who loves their pet:
    - Pet studio voucher, or for larger animals a pet location photo shoot,
  • 21st birthday gift:
    - Studio Passport, 12 mths of unlimited shoots or 
    - a studio fashion shoot
  • Models and actors just starting out or updating their profile:
    - Head shot package or
    - studio fashion photo shoot
  • Perfect gift for parents:
    - Children's studio or outdoor portrait photo shoot, or
    - A studio or location shoot for mum and dad
  • Wedding anniversary present idea:
    - Location family photo shoot or couple's studio shoot,
  • Christening present:
    - Family studio portrait or Children's portrait.

Visit our 'Offers' page to see all photo shoot experience gift vouchers.